Roland CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 Vinyl Cutter

The Roland CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 vinyl cutter is the ultimate companion for print and cuts jobs with its built-in optical registration system that accurately aligns pre-printed material for contour cutting. The GX-24 comes fully loaded with everything you need to create professional-grade graphics and signs right on your desktop. Under the hood, the digital servomotor drives the cutter with maximum accuracy on anything from reflective vinyl and paint mask, to twill, heat transfer and sandblast material. A built-in curve smoothing function ensures precision cutting even at top speeds of up to 20 inches per second — 25 percent faster than its predecessor. Moreover, when it comes to ease-of-operation, the GX-24 wins over even vinyl cutting rookies in seconds. Use the included CutStudioTM drawing software to create incredible graphics for banners, vehicles, store displays, point-of-purchase materials, informational signs, backlit displays and more.


GX-24 Vinyl Cutting 1st Video (see how it works)

GX-24 Vinyl Cutting 2nd Video (see how it works)



Plan TypeOne-DayTen-Day PassMonthly Pass
Our Material $5.00 per foor $5.00 per foot $3.00 per foot
Your Material $.75 per minute $.75 per minute $.25 per minute


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